Our History

Talent FM was formed in 2008 when Founder and Director, Nikki Dallas, decided to use her extensive recruitment experience within the facilities management sector to create a new, boutique recruitment consultancy specialising only in Facilities Management recruitment.

Post-Brexit the race for the best talent will intensify and we believe that the contingent recruitment model will have more failure points than ever before.  Over the past few years the recruitment industry has become more crowded with little points of difference between the 24,000+ agencies currently registered in the UK.  A role gets given to multiple agencies and it is a race to send CV's.  No opportunity to build quality and long standing relationships with talented candidates, no time to get to understand what will make a person excel in your environment. 

At Talent FM we have been brave and bold to create a true point of difference.  We are at the forefront of technological and scientific developments to mitigate any failure points in the recruitment model and we help our clients to save significant time and money but getting the right people in the right roles, first time and every time.

I am sure that the company you work for has gone through significant and all-encompassing change in the past decades but the vast majority of the recruitment industry still do things as they did 30 years ago.  The only thing that has changed is the method of CV delivery, i.e. from post to fax to email.   We have developed 'game-changing' methodologies and process to give our clients the very best and to be a market leader now and in the future.