How to make yourself Brexit-proof

12 Sep 07:00 by Nikki Dallas


The dust has settled on Brexit and I am sure if you put every blog, news article and opinion that has been written on the subject back to back it would reach around the globe!

Regardless of your political view what is clear is that the future is paved with uncertainty.  Cameron departing quickly, the reassurances of Mark Carney at the Bank of England and reassurances from certain factions of the EU has done a lot to steady the ship and positive economic indicators are now being reported.


Questions I am often asked are: What will Brexit mean for recruitment in the FM industry?  Will it have a negative impact on your career?


My view is plain and simple, there will always be career opportunities for the very best talent in the market place. 

Even if your organisation is downsizing and moving people away from the UK, there will still be moves and changes, dilapidations, refurbs and fit-outs of new space (even if it is smaller).

Your FD or MD might require you to reduce your own team’s headcount but that brings mentoring and coaching opportunities for you and career development opportunities for your team.  It might mean the opportunity to retrain or take a course in another discipline within FM.  You’ve been meaning to do that NEBOSH course for ages or take a module on sustainability – now is the time.  Upskilling yourself and committing to additional training should be something that you are always doing as a part of your Continuous Professional Development, but these things are now paramount if you are going to stand out from the competition.


Talent FM was set up in 2009 just as the banks were falling and the country was being squeezed by the credit crunch.  For every 10 clients I spoke with at that time at least 8 of them were making redundancies or had a recruitment headcount freeze.  Obviously for a recruitment business start up those stats were pretty depressing so I was forced to innovate and think outside the box for survival.


I thought long and hard about our USP’s and developed our brand around the Talent FM Difference, our points of difference from the competition, the things that we did better and slicker than our competitors


I thought bigger – the UK market was in freefall but the European recruitment markets were growing for FM recruitment so I hired bi-lingual consultants and looked at other markets – we now have a thriving international division.


‘Recession-proof’ your career

Now is the time to step up and take control of your career.  

  • Peer Group Power  - During my difficult times I believed in myself and didn’t dial in to the ‘naysayers’.   Unfortunately peple are very quick to tell you why you can’t do something. Don’t listen!  Surround yourself with positive people, go to networking events and seek out like-minded people on a similar self-improvement journey. 


  • Invest in yourself.   It is commonplace for people to go to an exercise class or hire a personal trainer but very few people invest in professional coaching.  Hiring a coach may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if you don’t have job security but you should speculate to accumulate.  If you are not sure whether a coach is for you or not then speak to the team at Kentish & Co: they are the best in the business and they understand FM.


  • Make your CV the best it can be.  Despite the thousands of articles on the internet on this I still see shockingly bad examples – no excuses!  This is your sales brochure – spend some time on it.

    See more on our resources page: Writing a CV That Sells You


  • If you do get an interview then make sure you are properly prepared.   Interviews might become harder to achieve if recession hits so make sure that you maximise every single opportunity that comes your way

    For our best interview tips, see our list of resources here: Interview Techniques


  • Update your LinkedIn profile

    Being connected to only 300 people on LinkedIn can give you access to a total of 6 million (!) professionals. There may be as much as 18,000 new people joining your personal network daily.

    For more reasons on why you should join LinkedIn and tips to improve your profile try our How to get the best out of LinkedIn page


  • Register with a specialist recruitment consultancy that really understands your market and can appreciate your USP’s and has an enviable network of clients and contacts.


In conclusion, change equals opportunity in our market so make sure that you are best placed to capitalize on the inevitable change that is coming our way, even if none of us know exactly what the end game will look like.