My first BIFM networking event

12 Jan 12:00 by Safron Huntly


This week was the first time attending an event since I started working for Talent FM.  My colleague Nikki Dallas has been struck down by the Bronchitis bug so I was asked to stand in at the very last minute.  Whilst I have attended other events this was the first one that I had attended on my own.   It was the WiFM conference, the special interest group of the BIFM.   I felt slightly anxious as I believed I needed to go there and know EVERYTHING about ANYTHING – as it turns out this was not the case.

After turning up at the lovely KPMG building in Canary wharf, I was greeted by a friendly BIFM associate who introduced me to a group of lovely ladies, we were all chatting away drinking coffee and eating pastries - fair to say my initial nerves had gone.

The event starts, and what an event it was. I found every speaker to be so inspirational and engaging the room was in silence during every speech. From the girls who were just about to leave school, talking about their first experience of starting their career (who by the way were amazing) to the men and woman who had 20 years experience within FM. Every story was different and really gave everyone food for thought.

After the event, I came away feeling very confident and very inspired to really push myself within my career in FM recruitment. I also felt huge admiration for women in the workplace after learning that although the stats are reaching 50/50, we still have some way to go on equality.

I hope to be attending more BIFM events in the future – what an extremely motivating day. And for anybody who is worried about attending networking events on their own my advice is just go for it.