From technophobe to early adopter in one day ..

28 Feb 14:00 by Nikki Dallas


… Ok – Two!

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Recruitment Agency Expo, an event I attend every year.  As a recruitment company owner it is great to spend time amongst my peers and I spent two days listening to really great seminars from industry leaders.   The seminars are varied and  are aimed at giving recruitment agency owners and leaders ideas and ‘take aways’ that they can then implement within their own businesses.   I got some great advice but also some great reassurance that a lot of what we do for our clients and candidates is on or above current industry benchmarks – so 2 days well spent!  As well as discussing the evolution of the industry in terms of fragmentation (we are in a crowded market that is getting more crowded) the other overreaching theme was technology.  I must admit to being a bit of a Luddite and without the help of my two wonderfully tech savvy step children would be stuck in the 90’s.  I know this seems incredible to many people but I didn’t learn to use a computer until I did my MBA in 1996.  I hand wrote all my assignments and exams throughout my law degree.   When I started in recruitment we used to queue up at the fax machine to send over our shortlists.   I share this with you not so I can share that I am positively middle aged but so you can understand that I am not what I have heard termed an ‘early adopter’ - more like ‘dragged kicking and screaming’ when it comes to new technology.


Anyone who has every attended a trade show knows there are also many trade stands with almost everyone claiming that their technology or their product is going to revolutionise the industry.  What amused me is the increasingly creative ways they have come up with to get people on their stands.   I have seen golf simulators, racing car simulators, cocktail bars and even resorting to scantily clad women (which really winds me up but that is for another blog at another time!)  And of course everyone has a free pen – a great way to replenish the stationery cupboard!


But in between the cocktails and the sports simulators I spent a few hours demo’ing products and came back to the office with a long wish list of things that we could implement (and some pens!)   However, there was one product that got me so excited that I believe is an industry game changer and transforms what we currently deliver.  I believe that Talent FM’s clients and candidates will love it and as such I am a passionate ‘early adopter’.  We will be implementing this into our business and I promise the earliest possible launch.  More to follow and for those that just can’t wait until then … Drop me an email and I may be tempted to tell you more! With something this good it’ll be hard to keep my mouth shut.


Now you know that I am a self-confessed Luddite but let me share something else with you - I don’t scare easily.  I have been working in recruitment for almost 20 years and repeatedly heard claims that new technology is going to make us recruitment consultants obsolete.  I’ve heard it with LinkedIn over and over again.  I do not believe it to be true.  And this isn’t just an ‘ostrich’ mentality.  I am not sticking my head in the sand and hoping it’ll all go away.   Rather the opposite.  I personally think we are still decades away from the kind of artificial intelligence that can operate at the level of Emotional Intelligence required to effectively do my job.

However the march of technology and the transformation of business sectors via the process of ‘Uberisation‘ is real and it is happening.  It’s happened in the retail market, look at the demise of the high streets and the rise of Amazon.

It’s happened in banking, branches shutting at an alarming rate and the vast majority of people banking through apps on the go   Why would the Recruitment Industry be immune? I think we as a recruitment industry ignore these rumblings or transformation at our peril.  The race to the best talent will become more intense as candidates become immune to the job adverts and LinkedIn Inmails.  Recruitment Managers will get bored of seeing the same candidates through multiple agencies and will lean towards those showing true innovation and providing an alternative solution, whilst guaranteeing access to the very best talent. 

The industry will evolve.  Some agencies will become extinct but the best recruitment consultancies in the market, regardless of your sector, will see the threat and adapt accordingly

At Talent FM we are joining our exceptional industry expertise and enviable network of FM professionals with the very latest technologies and methodologies available today to make sure that we can continue to find our clients the very best.


I, a reformed Luddite, look forward to sharing more with you about these technologies in the very near future.