Are millennials the future of Facilities Management?

23 Mar 08:00 by


Considering that Millennials make up the largest percentage of the workforce, it's likely you will be hiring one, if not now, in the near future. Understanding what makes a millennial happy in the workplace gives you clues about the best way to recruit one.

Did you know in the next five years, over 30% of the current facilities management workforce will retire, therefore I feel recruiting millennials will be key to close the current talent gap within the facilities management industry.

Micah Solomon wrote an article for Forbes about the five key traits that millennials share between themselves.

•             Millennials expect technology to simply work
•             Millennials are a social generation – they socialise while consuming (and deciding to consume) your products and services
•             Millennials collaborate and cooperate – with each other and, when possible, with brands
•             Millennials look for adventure (and whatever comes their way) and crave discovery
•             Millennials are passionate about values, including the values of companies they do business with

And this extends into the workplace also, not just as a generation of consumers to target. According to a PwC study, "Millennials want to be able to work in the way that suits them best.... I’m not suggesting they start running the office, however there should be some flexibility for them to learn, grow and even make mistakes. After all, this is exactly how a lot of company directors and CEOs will say they reached the top.

So, should we invest more time in to millennials? I believe that the younger generation will be key to the success of the ever-changing workplace. I feel millennials are not only the current workforce, but the future leaders of this industry.  So, the answer is yes, we most certainly need to invest more time into them!

Research shows that many millennials simply have not been exposed to the world of facility management, a recent survey of college graduates found that only 43% had heard of facilities management and less than 1% were planning careers in the industry.

I specialise in recruiting talent into the FM industry and I actively network with the rising stars of the industry and those I believe will make a difference in the years to come. If you want to develop your career in FM then you should be actively networking and sharing ideas with your peers, and upskilling yourself at every opportunity.  The BIFM offers great qualifications too that you can work towards so that you can back up your knowledge with academic learning.

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