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A blog by Nikki Dallas. A short blog about my experiences of coaching and the positive changes it brought for me.
Companies spend millions on antibias training each year in hopes of creating more-inclusive—and thereby innovative and effective—workforces. Studies show that well-managed diverse groups perform better and are more committed, have higher collective...
What is the Employee Value Proposition? “A set of associations and offerings provided by an organisation in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences that an employee brings to the organisation.” Definition - Minchington 2005...
You know the ones: the arty ones or the super-sociable ones. In the workplace, creativity is in all of us – it is our ability to open up our mind to possibility and potential – and is the source of innovation that every organisation needs to create successful solutions.
Almost a year ago, we closed down our office workplace and set up in our home offices. We now look to a reversal of this change over the coming months....

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