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There is no doubt that a year of on/off lockdown, unplanned remote working and economic upheaval has propelled workplaces into a new era. The prospects for growth are exciting for those agile enough to take their opportunities in the talent market.
A blog by Nikki Dallas. A short blog about my experiences of coaching and the positive changes it brought for me.
Companies spend millions on antibias training each year in hopes of creating more-inclusive—and thereby innovative and effective—workforces. Studies show that well-managed diverse groups perform better and are more committed, have higher collective...
What is the Employee Value Proposition? “A set of associations and offerings provided by an organisation in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences that an employee brings to the organisation.” Definition - Minchington 2005...
You know the ones: the arty ones or the super-sociable ones. In the workplace, creativity is in all of us – it is our ability to open up our mind to possibility and potential – and is the source of innovation that every organisation needs to create successful solutions.
Almost a year ago, we closed down our office workplace and set up in our home offices. We now look to a reversal of this change over the coming months....
The dictionary definition of #resilience is 1.the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. 2....
Reason #1 Selling your brand story Successful people are very discerning and need compelling motivations to move companies.  If you want to take talent away from your competition it’s essential that the people representing your business in the marketplace truly understand it....
Having worked in senior-level recruitment, run a career development business and been an employer for 12 years, I have a unique insight into the factors that dictate success and failure. The biggest factor for me is ‘selling’. Let me explain……..
When interviewing a candidate, there are many things that recruiters would deem to be a red flag; turning up late for the interview, gossiping about previous jobs or managers, not asking questions to pry about the role or dressing inappropriately for the interview.
Regularly assessing employee satisfaction can help create a transparent environment and allow issues to be tackled swiftly. Jim Barnett at employee engagement company Glint explains the value of getting constant feedback from staff.
Working in diverse teams, will help you consider your experience of working in teams and the different roles you play in them. It will increase your confidence in marketing this key skill to employers as well as improve your ability to perform well in teams you are currently part of....
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