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When interviewing a candidate, there are many things that recruiters would deem to be a red flag; turning up late for the interview, gossiping about previous jobs or managers, not asking questions to pry about the role or dressing inappropriately for the interview.
Regularly assessing employee satisfaction can help create a transparent environment and allow issues to be tackled swiftly. Jim Barnett at employee engagement company Glint explains the value of getting constant feedback from staff.
Working in diverse teams, will help you consider your experience of working in teams and the different roles you play in them. It will increase your confidence in marketing this key skill to employers as well as improve your ability to perform well in teams you are currently part of....
Eliminating gender disparity from the workplace can often start with the recruitment process. Recruiters or hiring managers make a decision about who is shortlisted to attend an interview and, ultimately, who gets offered the job at the end.
A one size fits all approach no longer works for today’s offices As new technologies change the way we work, businesses have begun to forego the traditional office in favor of multi-purpose co-working spaces designed to help foster productivity, creativity and collaboration....
Majority of job seekers don’t know the answer   TopCV survey reveals 3/4 professionals are unsure their job application will be approved by CV-screening software According to new research from TopCV, the largest CV-writing service in the world, 75 per cent of UK job seekers are doubtful their CV ...
Today we can do so many things remotely. We can do our grocery shopping from the couch, we can pay bills or buy tickets without lining up, and we can see what our dogs are doing in the backyard from our phones. We even know when our ride will arrive without needing to speak to anyone....
UK – Modern working life sits in opposition to the creativity needed to succeed in jobs today, according to Bruce Daisley, vice-president of EMEA at Twitter, who also said turning off notifications is necessary to reduce work-related burnout.
When sourcing a new candidate, finding someone with a corresponding skills match and a wealth of experience is at the forefront of every recruiter’s concentration....
Flexible Working: Productive or Destructive? It’s a much-debated topic and a growing trend, but most companies still don’t seem to take a deliberate approach to flexible working. Instead, they just offer a vague middle ground of “flexible working” on a case by case basis.
Here’s how to write a job description that will attract the right candidates. “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson
New research conducted by professional social network LinkedIn has discovered that the infamous trend of ‘ghosting’ recruiters is on the rise, with 95% of those polled claiming to have experienced it in some form....
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