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Considering that Millennials make up the largest percentage of the workforce, it's likely you will be hiring one, if not now, in the near future. Understanding what makes a millennial happy in the workplace gives you clues about the best way to recruit one.
#BeBoldForChange As you know I blog regularly about gender inequality in the workplace.  I was pleasantly surprised to see women’s issues being given a central stage in this budget.
So here goes!  This is my first blog so I do hope that you enjoy it.   I have been with Talent FM just a month now and I specialise in Hard Services....
It’s only two months now until Olswang and Nabarro disappear into the merger with CMS. On the 1st May a City Powerhouse will be created making it the 6th largest law firm worldwide....
… Ok – Two! A couple of weeks ago I attended the Recruitment Agency Expo, an event I attend every year. As a recruitment company owner it is great to spend time amongst my peers and I spent two days listening to really great seminars from industry leaders.
Karen Plum, director of research and development, Advanced Workplace Associates Light is a basic need for humans. It affects us physically, physiologically and psychologically....
Karen Plum, director of research and development, Advanced Workplace Associates....
This week was the first time attending an event since I started working for Talent FM. My colleague Nikki Dallas has been struck down by the Bronchitis bug so I was asked to stand in at the very last minute. Whilst I have attended other events this was the first one that I had attended on my own.
The end of a calendar year provides the perfect opportunity for lines to be drawn, and predictions forecast....
I don’t think you should make socialising at industry events compulsory. Making anything compulsory is usually counter-productive because forcing people to do things tends to prompt a hostile frame of mind....
The term ‘Knowledge work’ was originally coined by the great Peter Drucker in 1956. Even back then he saw the emergence of new forms of organisation that relied on the creativity, ingenuity and competence of a new breed of workers, Knowledge Workers, people who ‘think for a living’....
Knowledge work plays an increasingly large part in the economic fortunes of developing countries. Indeed the vast majority of people working in AWA’s client organisations are Knowledge Workers....
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