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Executive Job Seeking – The Single Biggest Mistake Executives Make

Having worked in senior-level recruitment, run a career development business and been an employer for 12 years, I have a unique insight into the factors that dictate success and failure.

The biggest factor for me is ‘selling’. Let me explain……..

Most executives have a deep appreciation of what businesses need to do to grow, which as a general rule, requires the development and execution of sales and marketing activities. Not many businesses are able to acquire new customers without ‘selling’ what they do.

If we look closer at that ‘selling’ process, most businesses have a brand, they have a certain positioning in their market, and they have products or services that deliver some kind of benefit to their customers (at least that’s the general idea).

In short, this is what we are, this is what we sell, this is who it is for, and this is how it will benefit our customers.

Now apply that to the job market!

Employers want to know what you are, what sectors you operate in, what you can offer them and how your talents will be of benefit.

It’s exactly the same!

So why is it that many executive job seekers hold back from selling themselves?

In sales and marketing terms, your CV and LinkedIn profile are your website / landing pages, and the interview is the sales meeting.

No one would turn up to a networking event or client meeting with a home-made business card, no business has a home-made website, and if you were attending a sales meeting to pitch for a £500k three-year contract, you would do a lot more than a couple of hours or preparation.

The best advice I can give is to see yourself as a service provider who is pitching for a three-year £500k contract (which is round about what a £100k candidate would cost an employer over a 3 year tenure when all costs are added up).

To secure this £500k+ contract, your CV, online profile and interview rhetoric needs to explain how you will deliver ROI on this £500k investment. They should serve as a business case that demonstrate the achievements and business benefits that you have driven for previous companies.

Once you start thinking about your brand and positioning (Personal Branding), developing your marketing collateral (CV and online profiles) and mastering your sales skills (the interview), that’s when you’ll give yourself the best opportunity of securing the very best jobs in your sector.

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​By Matt Craven, Founder of The CV & Interview Advisors and Linked-In-Credible

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