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Facebook VP shares biggest job interview 'red flag'

When interviewing a candidate, there are many things that recruiters would deem to be a red flag; turning up late for the interview, gossiping about previous jobs or managers, not asking questions to pry about the role or dressing inappropriately for the interview.

However, Julie Zhuo, Vice President of Product Design at Facebook – who joined the social media behemoth as an intern and has quickly climbed the ranks – told CNBC that no matter how qualified an applicant is, there is one interview mistake that always serves as a warning to recruiters.

“I would say one red flag when you’re interviewing is to be too focussed on status or prestige.”

Particularly when the opportunity to land a job at the social media giant comes along, Zhuo explained that she has witnessed many candidates wanting to secure the job because “it seems like the right thing to do, or it’s the next step up for [their] career”.

To avoid hiring candidates merely looking for a prestigious company to add to their CV, Zhuo said she looks for candidates who ready to just get stuck in.

She looks for employees who will “continue to learn and grow…and do what you know is going to help the team the most.”

Zhuo added: “What I really look for are people who love to learn and who approach the job with a sense of curiosity and productivity, and who are just really eager to do great work.

“I think that enthusiasm really comes across in an interview, especially in the questions that someone asks and in their tone and body language when interacting with me.”

As well as this, Zhuo urges candidates to quiz the interviewer about the company’s culture, the team and the overall environment. Not only does it make sure that they have been listening but just want more information on a certain area of the business, it shows that they are keen too.

She explained that, ultimately, this shows her that “a candidate is really interested in learning the nitty-gritty and the details and colour of what it’s like to work on this team and in this environment”.


Posted by: Talent FM Executive Search