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Recruiters reluctant to view female profiles when headhunting

Eliminating gender disparity from the workplace can often start with the recruitment process. Recruiters or hiring managers make a decision about who is shortlisted to attend an interview and, ultimately, who gets offered the job at the end.

And while many recruiters may think that their hiring processes have been freed from unconscious bias, new research has found that gender disparity is still rife in the recruitment space - particularly the headhunting stage.

A new report from LinkedIn has found that recruiters are 13% more likely to click on a man’s profile than on a women’s profile when headhunting candidates online for new roles – Fast Company reports.

The Gender Insights Report – which was compiled by collating the data points of more than 610million LinkedIn members from more than 200 countries – extracted stark findings to suggest that recruiters treat male candidates more favourably. The study found that recruiters are three per cent less likely to send InMail to female candidates than males.

Despite this, the report found that women are more likely than men to be hired after applying for jobs through the professional networking site. And it seems that they are 18% more likely to be hired when applying for senior positions.

With International Women’s Day upon us – a global day of celebration which is sought to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – recruiters should consider their current recruitment strategies to ensure that they are supporting women on their quest to find work, rather than discriminating them from the process like this research suggests.

With that in mind, what can recruiters do to free recruitment focusses from gender discrimination and unconscious bias?

CV-Library offers the following tips:-

Remember the end goal – Ensure that misconceptions or prejudices don’t cloud your judgement as this could lead to missing out on talented candidates.

Promote fairness – With more than 51% of UK professionals still unaware of their rights when it comes to discrimination, recruiters and hiring managers have a bigger role to play by ensuring that recruitment processes are fair. This notion should be mirrored in the selection and headhunting process too.

Don’t judge a book by its cover – With the uprise of the internet, it is becoming increasingly easy for recruiters to scout out fresh talent online and on social media. But it is important not to make a rash decision solely based on the candidates physical appearance or the look of their social media profile.


Posted by: Talent FM Executive Search