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95% of recruiters 'ghosted' during recruitment process

New research conducted by professional social network LinkedIn has discovered that the infamous trend of ‘ghosting’ recruiters is on the rise, with 95% of those polled claiming to have experienced it in some form. 


The ‘ghosting’ practice - which found its roots in dating platforms such as Tinder - is becoming vastly more prevalent within the recruitment industry with 48% of the 600 polled recruiters claiming to have witnessed a steep uptake of candidates simply refusing to maintain contact or complete the recruitment process in 2018.

The research also evidenced a drastic geographic variance based on a candidates’ willingness to follow through on job offers. Recruiters in Northern Ireland topped the list with 66% claiming to have personally experienced ghosting, whilst in the south of England, the number falls to around 40%.

Worryingly, just five per cent of those polled claimed to have had no experience of ghosting, evidencing the prevalence of the issue.

“I can think of one instance when we had a job offer extended and we revised the offer two or three times to meet all the requests of the candidate,” Career Consultant Susan Power recently told Recruitment Grapevine.

“He signed off to accept it, it was a relocation, and then he just ignored and ghosted us. He didn’t relocate and start the job.”

One potential cause of the growing issue may be the sheer prevalence of jobs on offer on sites such as LinkedIn and Reed – the latter of which claims to have had over 170million visits in 2018 alone, whilst over 87% of LinkedIn’s members claim to be passively open to new opportunities, with professional development, compensation and a better work/life balance being the key reasons for accepting a new job.

How can you avoid ghosting?

Over 94% of potential employees claim to be more likely to follow through on an offer if they are contacted by their future manager, whilst 89% say that close contact can make or break a job deal. Surprisingly, talent is four times more likely to accept an offer if they are offered constructive feedback, whilst only 41% of candidates claim to have been offered this courtesy before.


Source: Recruitment Grapevine 21.01.19

Posted by: Talent FM Executive Search