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Revealed: Locations of the UK's biggest salary hikes in 2019

There’s no denying it – often, the very first thing on any potential candidate’s mind is money.


While good benefits, a shorter commute or an exciting workplace might help tip the balance, very often a deal can be made or dismissed on account of the cold hard cash on offer.


And, possibly as a result of organisations hoping to hold on to the very best talent, salaries across the country have risen by an average of 7.6% in 2018, according to research from CV-Library.


And, using data from the past few years, the researchers were able to estimate where huge pay rise boosts are expected in 2019.


The top cities for a pay rise this year are:


1.            Glasgow – Pay up by 11.3% making the average salary £35,100

2.            Birmingham – Pay up by 9.7% making the average salary £35,110

3.            Liverpool – Pay up by 6.6% making the average salary £32,170

4.            Portsmouth – Pay up by 5% making the average salary £32,010

5.            Southampton – Pay up by 4.5% making the average salary £32,200

6.            Brighton - Pay up by 4.4% making the average salary £32,090

7.            Manchester - Pay up by 4.2% making the average salary £32,220

8.            Leicester - Pay up by 2.5% making the average salary £30,950

9.            London - Pay up by 2.4% making the average salary £38,600

10.          Edinburgh - Pay up by 1.5% making the average salary £32,790


Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library, commented on the survey results: “Throughout 2018 there was a great deal of competition for businesses to attract and secure the most talented professionals, hence why certain cities have seen such a jump in pay.


"As such, if you’re looking to secure a pay rise in the year ahead, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to do so, especially in some of the UK’s most influential cities.”


Job vacancies were also on the rise in 2018, and the researchers predict this trend is only set to continue this year. And, advertised vacancies soared in the following cities:


1.            Newcastle – Jobs up 39.6%

2.            Nottingham – Jobs up 35.4%

3.            Aberdeen – Jobs up 30.5%

4.            Glasgow – Jobs up 17.5%

5.            Liverpool – Jobs up 15.5%

6.            Edinburgh – Jobs up 14.8%

7.            Portsmouth – Jobs up 13.6%

8.            London – Jobs up 12.7%

9.            Manchester – Jobs up 12.2%

10.          Leeds – Jobs up 12%


Source: 7.1.19

Posted by: Talent FM Executive Search