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The Power of Coaching by Nikki Dallas

I have had a few coaches in my life and career.  

The first was a very ‘shouty’ swimming coach who trained me for the Under 12 national championships.  I think he thought we were in the military rather than pre-pubescent little girls with a passion for a sport.  The ‘shouty-shouty’ method of motivation really didn’t work for me – and still doesn’t!

The second was a maths coach.  I loved school but maths was always a bit of a mystery to me.  So I had a maths mentor and a maths coach to get me through my Maths GCSE – I did manage to scrape a ‘C’ but it wasn’t a positive experience either.   I recall spending most of my time in utter confusion that never seemed to be resolved. Rather they were frustrated with me that I didn’t ‘get it’ and the penny never did drop.

However, despite these early hiccups, I totally believe in the transformative power of coaching.  I believe we all have everything we need we just need help teasing it out and finding the path that is right for us.   AIongside my early career in recruitment I studied for a Diploma in Performance Coaching with Newcastle University and worked as a life coach for private clients.  I also studied to become an NLP Practitioner – skills which I still use today.

I have recently had the pleasure of being coached again; working with Mark Whitby at and it has transformed me, the way I look at myself and the way I approach  my business.  Through his group coaching he creates a community and a connection with likeminded people going through the same experiences.   The power of the course is what I learned from my peers as well as from my coach.  It was an experience I can highly recommend.

I feel braver and more bold, of course as you would expect; but I am definitely more authentic now.  Authenticity has always been a struggle for me in the workplace.  I definitely have struggled with Imposter Syndrome and I recognise through my work around equality and diversity that a lot of that stemmed from being the only women in a lot of my work environments.  I think my biggest barrier was that I was playing a character – playing the person that I thought I should be – trying to fit in, trying not to rock the boat but at the same time definitely playing ‘smaller’ and not knowing how to express my wants and needs to male senior leaders.  All the time I did this I was diminishing myself and getting further away from my authentic self.  Finding the career path that is MY path and works for my life has taken a long time to get to but I believe I am here now thanks to the power of coaching.

The professional coaching along with a personal development coaching programme has really helped me to feel authentic - to create my business from my point of truth and integrity.   I no longer feel like I am trying to fit into somebody else’s preconceived ideas of me, or what I think I should be doing at this stage in my career.  It is so freeing and liberating and I know that there are so many women who feel the same as I do and could benefit from coaching.

In my 20+ years working in recruitment I have come across the following trends and traits.

  • Women who are struggling to find their voice and space in male dominated senior leadership teams
  • Women who are disillusioned with the ‘corporate world’ and looking to reposition themselves in a more value driven business.
  • Women who don’t promote themselves as effectively as men do and struggle with self-promotion
  • Women who are stalling when trying to reach the next rung on the career ladder
  • Women who are experiencing bias, prejudice and bullying in the workplace (yes… sadly, even today!)


If any of the above resonates with you then I am available for Executive Coaching and Support either on a 1-2-1 basis or on Group Coaching Basis.   Just email me and we can set up a virtual coffee chat to see what would work best for you.  All free and totally no obligation of course!


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