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We strive to be a force for positive change.  We are one organisation yet, through effective collaboration and genuine partnerships, we are working towards a future where we tackle racial injustice, inequality and unconscious bias in the workplace.


  • We champion active anti-racism and make the following commitments:
  • We will be an anti-racist workplace
  • No one at Talent FM, or anyone who engages with us, will be disadvantaged because of their colour.
  • We will collaborate with the facilities management sector and our client partners to promote an anti-racism approach
  • We use recruitment processes that promote anti-racism and remove unconscious bias.  We will promote and share best practice, encourage greater accountability and advocate widespread change.  
  • We will consider how our innovations can support an anti-racism agenda:
  • We will constantly and continuously innovate to create new talent acquisition methodologies that promote equality and remove unconscious bias
  • Anti-racism is a core and sustainable part of our ethos and work: 

We only accept Executive Search Assignments from organisations that share our values and have a commitment to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.  We will only introduce our talent into an environment where everyone feels that they belong and are able to perform to their full potential.