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Sourcing Diverse Talent

Organisations that champion diversity are more successful, make better decisions, have a stronger customer focus and find it easier to attract and retain talent.

All individuals, regardless of gender, race, disability or sexual orientation, should be given equal opportunities when searching for a role.

Talent FM is committed to removing unconscious bias at every stage of the recruitment process.

Improving diversity starts with the first talent attraction tool, the job specification.  The way job descriptions are written is crucial in appealing to a wider candidate pool and sharing your commitment to D&I with the wider world.  We partner with Diversely to ensure that all job specifications are inclusive and attractive to everybody.  Choosing Talent FM as your recruitment partner will help you reach up to 70% more diverse talent.

We use a number of psychometric assessments that can be tailored to your requirements.  These objective assessments introduce rigour and independence to the recruitment process by more accurately matching the right person in the right role and removing unconscious bias.

All our shortlisted candidates are presented fully anonymised.

Need to improve your people metrics?

We can help you to improve your diverse hires, reduce your attrition rates and improve employee engagement. People that enjoy their work, stay with you and give you their best every single day.


We use the tools and strategies we use over and over again with exceptional success to help you access up to 70% more diverse talent.

Diverse companies are more successful companies. That's a fact. If you aren't prioritising diversity in your company then you are missing out on productivity and it will be compromising your bottom line.


We constantly receive honest feedback from senior FM talent and we know why they choose one company over another and what environment they are looking for, in which to excel.

Creating an inclusive workplace is an absolute MUST in today's competitive market. Candidates are demanding to know what your company stands for, it's values and how inclusive it is.


We speak with senior talent every day that are looking to leave good organisations just like yours. We know why the best people walk out the door and as such are best placed to advise how to retain the best people once they have joined you.

Belonging is so important to those with a high EQ. High EQ is also equated with success in a role so it follows that if people don't feel as though they belong they will move on and leave you behind.

We are 100% committed to fairness and equality and we regularly audit and our processes and systems.

Read our Anti-Racism Statement and Accessibility Statements here.

Nikki Dallas hosts webinars where we talk about Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging.  If you’d like to be invited to join our next event please email

You can also listen to the TalentPod podcast : All  content is framed around inclusion, belonging, diversity and wellbeing in the workplace.