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What we do

We are executive search experts who find the very best talent in facilities management, property and commercial real estate across EMEA

Our Proven Success Strategies to Attract Senior Leadership

Stop behaving as if there is a surplus of top talent

You know that there isn't a surplus of the very best people (The SuperStars!) - you have had talent drop out of your pipeline during the assessment process and candidates reject your offer of employment. You have lived this. Is the recruitment process you are asking your top talent to apply through designed to weed out the weak rather than source the strong? We will look at various methods that will 'fast-track' the very best candidates in the market to your company and not your competitors.

Remove bias

Auditing your recruitment processes will give you access to a much more extensive talent pool in both volume and quality. During the consultation you'll receive advice on how to remove those invisible barriers that you might not see but your future talent pool definitely is - and it's putting them off applying. Our audit includes the latest tools and software available in the HR space and good old fashioned experience to help you formulate non-biased hiring strategies that work!

Creating Compelling EVP's

The best people, senior 'best in class' talent do not do lateral transactions. They are serious about their career and want their future company to be serious about it too. This is why the employee value proposition is so important but so often poorly executed or at worst missed. You have to share your USP's and your wins and fight your competition for these people. During our consultation we will help you to create a compelling EVP for your company that WILL secure you the best talent in the market.

Whole of market searching

We help you design multi-touch campaigns to ensure your vacancy reaches the whole of the market. Then when you do hire you are guaranteed to be hiring the best that the market has to offer. If want the best people in your company then you must have a campaign that reaches people and how they search for opportunities today. And it has changed significantly even in the past couple of years! We have 20 years' experience which we will happily share with you during our consultation to help you have the conversations with the people you need to, before they interview elsewhere.

The Right People Stay

Hiring the wrong people is so costly to your business and not only financially.

We offer a full one year guarantee on all our placements!