Have you ever appointed somebody who left in the first 12 months?

More than 96% of our placements are still in post 18 months + after appointment.  This is why we offer a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE on all our placements.

A report conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development identified that 86% of companies experience difficulties recruiting new people. 80% of companies believe that the departure of a new employee has a negative effect on business performance.  With these alarming statistics; can you afford to get it wrong?

Our commitment to Search & Exclusive Assignments means that we engage a variety of methods beyond any of our competitors to make sure that we get you the right person, the first time and every time.

For example : Have you ever interviewed a candidate who doesn't live up to the promise of their CV?  Our video interviewing allows you to 'meet' the candidate before committing you and your team to face to face interview time.

Or have you ever wished that you could 'clone' a key member of staff?We can assess the key behavioural characteristics of employees and their roles and then send you a shortlist of candidates who replicate those characteristics and are more likely to be successful in your organisation.

These are just a couple of examples of the extra lengths we go to so that we can find you the best talent.   All of this is incorporated into our unique, user friendly portal called Zodiac.

Zodiac - A Real Game Changer