How To Best Engage With Recruitment Consultancies

Getting the best out of your agency

When applying for a post with a Recruitment Consultancy, it is expedient to consider the main function of their role. Wikipedia describes recruitment as ‘....the process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a job’. The recruiter’s sole aim is to find the best person for the job and they are representing the hiring manager (client) in this regard.

Put your best foot forward

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. Your first impression with your recruitment consultant should always be professional.   How you interact with your recruiter will determine whether they deem you suitable for the post and whether they want you to represent them on their shortlist to their client.  So keep this in mind in all your phone calls and emails.

Applying to the Recruiter

Things to include:

  • Why you want to apply for the role and why you think it would be a good match for you

  • How your background demonstrates the key competencies

Things to avoid:

  • Spelling mistakes

  • Using a generic CV

With currently over 100 applications per post, you want your application to stand out but for the right reasons.

How to select a credible recruiter

  • Generalist vs. specialist – Are they a large high street recruiter where the consultant will look after FM roles in addition to secretarial, IT, accountancy etc. – If so, it is doubtful they will have the in-depth FM knowledge required to accurately represent you

  • Level and seniority of posts – If the agency only advertises junior posts (and you are a senior manager) it is doubtful they will have had exposure to Director and Head of HR level contacts. Therefore they will not be best placed to represent you and be viewed by the hiring manager as a credible business partner

  • Length of service of recruiters – How long have they been in FM? Do they have a developed network of contacts and in conjunction with the generalist vs. specialist debate; is their FM knowledge sufficient to effectively secure you a post?

  • View their website and assess their brand. Are there typos and spelling mistakes. If they pay no attention to their headline written information, what will they do to your CV.

Golden Rules

Aim to work in partnership with your recruiter (you have the SAME goal – to find you a role)

Be honest and open which includes:

  • Your salary expectations

  • CV background – never lie about qualifications

  • Your track record within a given skill set

  • Be flexible, be available and be easy to work with

  • Don’t allow previous bad experiences to prejudice your relationship with a recruiter

  • Remember it’s a small world. The recruiter you fail to build a rapport with today could be the in-house recruiter within your dream company tomorrow.