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Talent FM nominated for Best Facilities Management Recruitment Agency 2019

We are so pleased to announce this exciting news - nominated by Global 100 Magazine 

Talent FM scoops award

Talent FM are delighted to be awarded the 'Best Facilities Management Recruitment Agency 2018' by CV Magazine 

The DNA of a perfect 2018 FM - FM World

A very interesting read in FM World – the BIFM’s Facilities Management magazine today. Take a look at what Talent FM's Nikki Dallas thinks.

Read the full article here -FM World   - Published 19/01/2018 in FM World

International Womens Day

Our  senior consultant Safron Huntly is very passionate about women in the Workplace and in FM in partcular. She wrote a blog on her expereinces so far in her recruitment career and the inequality she has come up against.

'Getting informed is the first thing I urge all men and women at every level to do! I am proud to work for a company that has total gender equality. I know from my clients this is a rare thing, but if we can do it why can’t you, or your employer? Do you know your employer’s gender equality policy? If not, why not? Is it because they don’t have one or because it isn’t acted upon?'

Have a futher read of her blog: - Published 8/03/2017 in FM World

The Brexit debate rages on

As always, Talent FM is asked about the things that matter. As we know the Brexit debate will go on and on but see what our Director Nikki Dallas has said on the matter.

Nikki Dallas, the founder and MD of recruitment consultancy Talent FM, thought the PM’s vision of looking to the wider world and being a truly global Britain beyond the confines of the EU “will create a fascinating opportunity for FMs to manage portfolios wider than the normal EMEA experience, which tends to be the usual focus”.

Read the full article here FM World - Published 13/02/2017 in FM World

The future of recruitment

What do you think lies ahead in recruitment? Our Director Nikki Dallas gives her thoughts on the future.

Partly as a result of Brexit, many sectors will continue to wrestle with skills shortages, and these could worsen if overseas staff are less willing to come to the UK. “The UK will likely see a huge skill shortage within engineering roles”

Have a read of the full article here Recruitment Agency Now Published 09/02/2017 in Recruitment Agency Now

Could recruitment be the job for you?

Nikki has been asked to talk about the recruitment industry and why this is the role for hungry, determined people with a viriety of experience.

Nikki at Talent FM embodies this approach, given the company "has a real mix of consultants from young apprentices to seasoned employees with over 10 years' experience."

Have a read of the full article here Agency Central  - Published 06/02/2017

Some of the worst sickie excuses revealed

Our Director Nikki Dallas tells about all the 'sickie' excuses she has heard over her career.

“I once had an employee who called in sick five times, on five separate occasions because his grandfather had died, again".

Have a read of the ful article here Recruitment Grapevine - Published 06/02/17 in Recruitment Grapevine

17 Recruiters Who Can Help Facilities Managers Find New Opportunities

How many people really understand what a facilities manager does?

It might be better to rephrase the question: What doesn’t a facilities manager do?

It may not be important for people on the street to know your job description, but it’s crucial that a recruiter does. When FMs are looking for a new position, it’s good to have someone with verifiable experience in making successful placements in the industry.

Control Solutions think we know what we are talking about. Read their article here

Socially Acceptable

Recruitment experts have played a central role in the facilities management sector, volunteering for committees and associations, organising events, placing a pool of temporary facilities staff with organisations, and matchmaking senior professionals with major employers. They have provided an incredible source of knowledge of who’s who, and what’s what in FM. But what impact has the advent of social media had on the way FM recruiters work?

BIFM Guide to Facilities Management Career Development 

Foreign Affairs - At the very least, FMs will at some stage in their careers consider the prospect of working abroad - what are the prospects like for Facilities Management professionals looking to relocate?

The Talent Deficit

FM companies and employers are struggling to find top-quality candidates to fill vacant posts. FMX talks to FM recruitment specialists to find out what, exactly, is going on.

Five top FM recruitment consultants give their views on the current FM job market

If your new year's resolution is to make that next great career move, or if you're planning to hire new talent into your team, read on. Here, five top FM recruitment consultants give us their views on the current FM job market.

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